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“Black Bastidin”, 100% Provencal country cotton fabric 67"

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Tissu Provençal 100% coton en bande Laize 170 cm Bleu "Colombes"
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Our Provencal cotton fabric "Black Bastidin” a traditionnal Provencal design.

High quality printed cotton fabric "Black Bastidin” represents amagnificient design, elegant, timeless and easy to combine with any style of interior: Bastidin, traditional or contemporary.

Made by Valdrôme, one of the leader of fabric manufacturers in Provence, "Black Bastidin” Provencal Fabric is washable at a high temperature (above 140° Fahrenheit), has a high resistance to staining,needs no ironing and will last for years and years!

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If you want to check first, you may order 4" x 4" swatches for a small price.

Features Provencal cotton fabric "Black Bastidin”:

* 67" wide
* 100% pure mercerized cotton
* Hot wash from 140°F to 194°F
* Avoid tumble dryer
* Easy ironing

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